Best part of Guild War

Guilds Wars 2 is great game and there are so many hours of game play. The art is amazing and unlike any game that I have played but since there is so many things to do in the game, I’m going to talk about my favorite part of Guild Wars 2. One of the best parts of Guild Wars 2 is that it is a one time purchase. Once you buy it, no don’t need to spend any more money to play the game. The best part of Guild Wars 2 in my opinion is the PVP. Every map has a different game mode and there is a new game mode in the works that has been put up every now and then for stress testing. The game play on PVP is unlike any other MMO with PVP. It is actually more intense than you would expect. The pace is pretty fast. There is a lot of strategy to PVP and once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier.

If you ever find yourself getting bored of your character, you can change your character’s build and change his pets and abilities. You can always make a new character too. I like ranched characters so the Ranger or Necromancer is really fun for me. I found myself finding the game really boring after awhile of playing my ranger so I decided to created a Necromancer. This really made the game more interesting for me. You also can always pick another race for another story line. When you first make a guild wars account, you can not play PVP. Once you get to level 23 you can play PVP. You only need one character over level 22 to play PVP as any character. So you can always make a new character and instantly go to PVP without completing any quests. Playing PVP gets you a lot of good gear. You can earn levels and skill points by doing well in PVP. In fact, you can level your character all the way up to 80 without completing a single quest just through PVP. Everyone is the same level in PVP so you do not have to have good gear to do well. Your gear is evened out so even if you are low level, you can still beat a level 80. Guild Wars 2 PVP is really a unique experience and you have to play it to enjoy it. If you don’t find PVP interesting or even the game interesting, you should try playing as a different class. Some classes are more interesting that others depending on your likes. Anyways, if you read through my ran, thanks.

This was my first review so don’t judge it to hard. If you thought it was good or want more of these reviews from me, leave a like or comment!


– Poebat


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