Poecraft is now closing (My Minecraft Server)

So I have been hosting Poecraft for about 2 years and some months I did take a 7 month break last summer and revived the project for about five months but I think it is time for it to close :(. The main reason is because I have lost interest and so have all my players have too. I still have amazing memories from awesome people hanging out on my server. But the time has come. Yes, I could get more players but most Minecraft players seem to be 8 year old kids saying they are older than that anyways. I am sure there are other games that I can host a server on that I might enjoy. I don’t want to close it but really there is no point. It’s really just sucking power for no reason if no one is playing on it. Kinda sucks because I just spent a lot of time working on updating my server. Anyways, I may put it up every now and then πŸ™‚

If you have no idea what I’m talking about don’t ask. This is a link for why I closed Poecraft πŸ™‚


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