Why “business” grade computers and laptops usually are not that good and slow

Most business grade computers are not actually that good. Some are better than others but most of them have a few things in common: Slow, Crash Occasionally, and are sometimes a big pain to use. But one of the main problems with business class computers is a lot of the software that businesses put on them, really slow them down to a halt. Business computers are really only meant for office work. Business grade computers are really the bare minimum for what they are used for. You would expect a business grade computer to have decent specs but definitely not a power house. But even browsing the internet and using the latest version of word with all those fancy animations do require some power. Some business computers are actually good quality and are great for what they are needed for. But most advertised business grade computers are not very good. Really what I am saying is if you bought a middle class computer it should be fine and be pretty fast for what it would be needed for. Something I don’t get is why most businesses don’t go for refurbished computers or used computers that have a lower price than a brand new computer that is about the same speed.

My point is business grade computers don’t seem that good because of the software that is on it and that they are the bare minimum. You can think of it this way, you can buy a 750 watt power supply and if you only use 200 watts while gaming, that power supply will last a very long time. It is not being worked very hard. Whereas you could buy a 250 watt power supply and it would really be struggling and would burn out much faster. If you bought a computer that has a little more power than you need, chances are that it will be more convenient and that you may actually end up needing that power every now and then. It would also save money in the long run because when windows 7 becomes unsupported, it would be able to run the next OS. Sure it would probably be slow and feel like a business class computer but at least it could be used for a few more years.

Hopefully that made since to everyone reading this…. My point is a little more power than you need is usually best for the long run 🙂 If you actually read through my rant, please leave a comment and give me some suggestions on how I can make my “rants” better and what I should rant about. Thanks again! 🙂


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