Why Root Android?

This question has been asked and answered countless times. Lots of people really wonder if rooting their phone or tablet really will do them any good. My answer is yes. You really have to know your stuff if you are rooting though. You can brick your device (kill it). After I felt safe after rooting many devices, I kind of got a little less careful and bricked my devices a few times. Now depending on how you bricked it, you can fix it. In all of my cases I have been able to fix the device. But what are the real reasons to root? Here are the best reasons to root in my opinion:

  • Speed – Rooting can really improve your device’s speed in many ways. You can over clock the processor (Essentially is putting your CPU on nitro). You can install a custom OS that is light weight with no bloat ware (Apps that you did not install but came with the device). Custom operating systems really have some cool things to offer. You can also use apps that need root to stop apps from auto starting. Most Android devices are slow because of all the apps that are running in the background. Really, it is not the device it is all the apps running in the background sucking all of the CPU cycles so that the app that you are using can’t run smoothly.
  • Customization – Android is really customization. Think of apple devices for a comparison. You can’t really put widgets on the home screen or have a live background. But you can only customize an Android device so much. Some manufacturers customize Android to their liking but disable some of Android’s native features. Rooting can allow you to change the boot screen, change the theme (How everything looks, the backgrounds in apps, the fonts, the icons, ect), change the boot loader logo, change the startup sound, and so on.
  • Battery Life – This kind of goes with speed but battery life needs its own section. Battery life can be improved by installing a custom rom that is lighter weight. You can also use lots of apps to disable things running in the background that may be using your battery. You can under clock the processor (Slows down the processor but improves battery life dramatically) I under clock my device’s CPU if I am on a trip and the battery is really low. If you are doing something simple like reading or playing a simple game that does not have a lot of movement and graphics, this will really help get you through the extra hour or so you need of battery. When your device has 10% battery left you know that you have a little more time left before the device will auto power off. If you under clock the CPU you can get another 45 minutes of battery life. Be careful though, your device will be much slower and this may result in applications crashing. Make sure you don’t under clock it to the point where the device is to slow to put it to the default clock speed.
  • Hot Spotting – Don’t you ever wish that you could share your phone’s data with your other devices without paying that extra $20 a month for a hot spot? Well with rooting your device, you can do this! If your device supports it. Most devices have it built in as a standard so you shouldn’t have to worry about not having hot spot capability. You can always share your internet through Bluetooth if you don’t have that feature with your phone. If you have a rooted Android cell phone, you can do this! Depending on what type it is, you may have to install a custom rom to be able to do this. Some manufacturers block it on the default rom the phone comes with. Seriously, you shouldn’t have to pay extra to use your phone’s data. You are already paying for the data!
  • You can learn something new or re-purpose an old Android device – Try something new! If you have a old Android device laying around doing nothing, there is not much to loose! It might be rootable! Some Android devices come with Micro HDMI ports. You can’t use them unless you have a rooted device. So why not try rooting that device and use it for streaming Netflix on your TV?

Thanks for reading through my rant! I just got 9 followers on my blog! That is amazing!!!! Thank you so much! 🙂 It really makes me happy that people enjoy what I post 🙂


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