The Cheapest And Best Upgrade For Any Computer

Solid State Drives are becoming more and more popular and are dropping in price. But are SDDs really worth it? Depending on your setup, yes. If your computer is being slow from lack of RAM or bad HD, an SSD is a good choice. I got an SSD for my laptop because I could only get 20 MB/s so loading windows took about 4 minutes. Loading word took 1 minute. I decided buying an SSD would be the cheapest and best upgrade for my laptop. To my surprise, I can get to the desktop from a cold boot in a minute. From a cold boot to chrome, it takes about 1 minute and a few seconds. A HUDGE difference in speed.

How can SSDs help with performance?

SSDs can with speed because they are like a flash drive. There is no moving parts. Hard drives can only spin so fast but SSDs don’t have any moving parts. They can load data extremely fast. It can act as virtual ram if the computer does not have enough RAM. Some higher end SSDs can be faster than your computer’s ram. I dedicated 8 GB of virtual ram on my laptop. SSDs can also improve battery life because there is no motor that is constantly running. I get another hour of battery life with an SSD.


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