Why The Smaller Part Of The Minecraft Community Is Dying (Small servers)

A few years ago you could find small Minecraft servers everywhere. Now, they are harder to find. But why? Really the biggest problem is that bukkit has gone down. You can not get any version of bukkit from the official site anymore. I still have every version of bukkit all the way up to 1.7.10 when bukkit got shut down. I have hosted a Minecraft server for 2 years and I saw a lot of small servers while I hosted it. They where fun servers that where made by people that enjoyed hosting their server. Now most of the Minecraft servers are not like that. They seem to be big servers that just are not as friendly as smaller servers. Now that bukkit is down, it is harder to home host a Minecraft server. If you are paying for a Minecraft server, this shouldn’t affect you. The host should have all the versions of bukkit too. Spigot is still up and most of the servers that are 1.8 are spigot since bukkit never made it to the 1.8 release. Spigot is essentially bukkit but it takes less ram and they can hold more players and plugins. The problem is, if you are home hosting, it is hard to get your hands on the .jar file to run the server. Most small Minecraft servers don’t last that long but once one died, there was always a new Minecraft server that was just starting that was looking for players. It was an endless cycle. But now that you can not get the bukkit .jar file easily, the smaller part of the Minecraft community has died because once a server goes down, there is no other server that replaces it. Unless you count vanilla¬†servers that no one plays on….

And really, no game can last forever. A game can only have a community so long before the players start playing a new game. That’s just how the gaming cycle works. Minecraft has had a good run. I think that Minecraft is dying but most games don’t last that long. Usually a game will be popular for a year or two. Minecraft, originally being called “cave game” at the time was started in 2009. It gained popularity in around mid 2010 to 2011. Now most of the Minecraft players are just 8 year olds that are not helping the community. Minecraft had a good run. It was a fun game. But now it is time for a new game to come out that is better than Minecraft and is for all ages. Soon Minecraft will be forgotten. It may be another few years before Minecraft is completely dead, but time will tell.


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