YouTube then vs now

YouTube has changed over the years. Back in 2005, people with their 240p cameras would upload videos. A few years later, Machinima was the biggest channel. Back then you could customize your channel with widgets and a background on your channel page. The page was called YouTube – Broadcast yourself.

But YouTube videos where uploaded as a hobby. Most videos where funny home recorded videos. There where also some gaming channels. Now, most big YouTubers are doing YouTube as a job. They started doing it as a hobby and it became a job. Their YouTube videos quality has been declining. Now they use click bait thumbnails and tittles that are not that related to the video. It sucks because some good YouTubers have stopped trying. They have a big audience so they don’t have to try as hard. They can count on their viewers. They don’t worry about getting more people to watch since they make enough money to support themselves with T-Shirts. This is another thing that big YouTubers are doing. They have become big sellouts. I can’t  help but think about some YouTubers like retarted captainsparklez or stamylongdick (stamylonghead or what ever stupid name he has) are just sell outs. Their content is so bad now. Captainsparklez used to be much better. I mean even his thumbnails are bad now. Look at them. They look like he is constipated and has not pooped for a frinkin week. I am sure some people know what I am talking about. If you go a year back. Captainsparklez was maybe half decent compared to now. No offence to Captainsparklez fans or stampylongdick fans but if you watch them, you shouldn’t be on the internet 😛 Also YouTubers like BajanCanadian where they don’t even try now. They ask for likes. “For 10k likes I will make a new video”

And then there is another thing to talk about. The popular YouTubers have been around for awhile. It is time for some change. It is not that hard to find channels with 200-300k subscribers. Their video quality is much higher than some of the bigger channels. It is kind of interesting. Soon, there will be a whole new wave of popular YouTubers. If you only watch popular YouTubers, I highly suggest that try some new YouTubers out. You just might like them more than the YouTubers that you watch. I am not saying that some popular YouTubers are not good. Some YouTubers still put lots of work into their videos. But the new wave of YouTubers will soon. Maybe in a few years. Nothing lasts forever.

There is a lot more to be said about this topic. I only talked a little bit about it. But since WordPress decided it would be a good idea to delete the posts that it claimed it published, I am trying to make up for that 🙂

I also plan to do some other YouTube related things maybe. Idk just an idea.


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