WinBook Review

The WinBook series is a line of tablets sold at Micro Center. They Run Windows 8 32 Bit With Bing. Its basically full windows without built in games and such. I have the 7 inch model. It has a Intel Atom and I spent an extra $30 for an extra GB of ram. It has 2 GB of ram. It plays 720P videos just fine. Doing some minor gaming is fine. Playing BroForce has very little lag if any. Playing Garry’s Mod is playable, but it is a tablet. It comes with a 32 GB SSD. There is no options for storage. The 1 GB of ram comes with 16 GB of storage whereas the 2 GB of ram has 32 GB of space. It runs programs like Open Office, Steam, Chrome, Minecraft, Internet Explorer, CPU-Z, Speccy, and even Movie Maker just fine. Playing Minecraft 1.8.3 In a single player world is fine. It gets 60 FPS unless generating new terrain. Garry’s Mod plays at a decent 20 FPS with all my mods. BroForce plays at 60 FPS with some lag when loading levels. The WinBook is great for web browsing and watching videos. I use my Nexus 7 for watching videos and I don’t plan to change that. But the WinBook can do it just fine. In fact I prefer web browsing on the WinBook because it can load the full desktop page without any problem. Running Chrome is fine too. Chrome is getting pretty greedy. Taking more RAM and CPU cycles. Web browsing with Chrome has no problem. Even loading big websites I find no lag. There is a 10.1 Inch version of the tablet with the same specs. The only real difference is the screen is stretched out and instead of a glass screen it has a plastic screen. The 10.1 tablet is better at web browsing because of the bigger screen. But using the screen is a little weird. The plastic is a very low quality plastic so it feels weird using it. The 10.1 tablet does have an option for a keyboard and mouse case for a $50 bucks. Its a pretty high price for a mouse and keyboard. But the Microsoft Surface doesn’t do much better either. Plus the 7 Inch Tablet with a warranty plus the 2 GB upgrade was $110. Micro Center makes the money off of the 10.1 tablet. The 10.1 tablet has what seems like a shorter battery life than the 7 inch tablet. The keyboard case is also a somewhat low quality. But for a $110 tablet it is really worth the price. If you are looking for a good tablet, I think you should consider the WinBook. It can do more than a iPad or Android Tablet depending on what you need it for. But then again, it really depends on what you need it for. Maybe in the near future someone will find out how to put Android on the WinBook. But I really think that the WinBook is worth the price. I have had my WinBook for four months now and I have not had any problems. It is probably one of the most powerful tablets for the price on the market right now.

Thanks for reading 🙂 I am trying to catch up on the lack of posts 🙂


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