“The Life of a Soda Can”

This was a very small school project. I thought you guys would like it 🙂 Dont judge to hard. I didn’t choose the cheesy topic 😉

The grocery store is a very busy place. There are lots of sights to see. I see lots of little kids with their moms. I have seen some of my brothers and sisters taken away. Pepsi, my brother just got put into a shopping cart. It’s not fair. I have been on the shelf for a week and nobody wants me. My name is Sprite. I am in a package with my three twins. A little kid comes up and points at me. The mom picks up the package I am in and puts us into a shopping cart. The mom pays for us and then puts us in her car. The little boy takes me out of the package! He breaks my seal! He puts his mouth on me! My insides tingle as he begins to drink. I feel liking I am getting older. I feel that I don’t have a reason to be here anymore. The boy continues drinking. He puts me down into a cup holder. The mom says “We are home!” then she took me and put me in a blue bin. After what felt like forever someone picked up the blue bin and dumped me into a truck. I was not entirely sure what was going on. Was I being thrown away? After a moment of thinking I realized I was in a recycling truck! I was going to be reused! I am going to have a purpose again!


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