Uses for android device with broken digitizer

I just broke my Nexus 7 2012 screen. My laptop was in a backpack and my Nexus 7 was under it. The screen was shattered right where the micro usb port is. The digitizer dead. Now, I recently bought this Nexus and I don’t want to get rid of it. I don’t want to fix it because I could buy a new Nexus 7 with that money. I just see no point in buying a new one.

Just because your device does not have touch response anymore, it can still be used.

Here are some uses of a device with a broken digitizer.

I have a Micro USB to USB adapter. I can use a mouse with it. I have hooked up a mouse and from there connected a Bluetooth keyboard. For gaming, I connected a PS3 controller to my device. If you are interested, look it up on google. Then go to the Android TV game section in the Play Store. You can download most of the games in this section and use a game controller to play the game.

I use this device now for watching YouTube videos, Netflix, Hulu, and playing music. I also use it for my chrome cast. Although the main reason of me having this device has been mostly defeated (gaming), I think I will be able to use it until I rack up enough money to buy a new tablet. I don’t have any intentions of buying a new tablet any time soon.

I am sad that my Nexus 7 has broke but I am happy my laptop is still okay. 😛


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