New Mechanical Keyboard!!

I just got a new mechanical keyboard! Its pretty sweet. It is a TT esports Poseidon. It has a really nice blue backlight. It feels amazing when you type on it and gives me the motivation to type something. Ah, motivation. I wonderful thing. A thing that I never freaking have. Anyways, now that school has started, I will be doing more posts. I have been enjoying my summer and have not felt like typing anything as that would require me to think.

Happy late August!


2 thoughts on “New Mechanical Keyboard!!

  1. I’ve used many keyboards in my life time and I of course the last “kind” of keyboard I get was a mechanical keyboard. I am a hardcore gamer and this is by far the best keyboard to get (Wife hates it thought , clicky clicky clicky noise). I am using the Razor Black Widow Edition and it hasn’t failed me for a very long time and it’s very easy to clean.


    • Hello! I am the new writer on the blog and also Poebat’s friend. I am a heavy typer and a light gamer. According to my research since I was looking for a mechanical keyboard, the Razer Black Widow is an great mechanical keyboard. Can you tell me which type of Razer key switch you got?


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