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Mostly for announcements about my WP and YT posts. I will also post pictures of stuff (my english teacher told me to never say “Stuff”) things such as my dog or plants etc. Anyways it’s always going to be a WIP any not very active (as most subreddits are but ya know) so go check it out.


S4 Update…

My S4 recently decided to commit suicide. Well, it was kinda my fault. After a long hard life I managed to kill it by plugging it into a faulty cable *sigh*. I ended up plugging it into a cable I knew was damaged. I plugged it in for a week or so just to let it charge for the next time I might need it. Fast forward a week or so and it would not turn on. I couldn’t seem to find why it wouldn’t turn on… I thought the battery went bad. It would not respond to anything… Turns out the cable kept going “off! on! off! on!” Yeah, a week of that… Oops. I tried my S6 “fast charge” power adapter and it started up. After a lot of crashes and unexpected shutdowns I made it to the home screen. I could tell something was fried. Everytime I restarted the phone it would tell me a different battery percentage. It was bouncing all over the place. When I unplugged it, it would immediately shut off. Every time I powered it on it would last shorter than the last time until I couldn’t even get past the bootloader… I did not manage to get any data off… :/

The s4 is a great device. I really hate that it died. I do have a Nexus 7 that has the exact same specs so I still have a device that is just as capable as my s4 (and better for consuming media with the larger screen)

Bottom line

Check your cables! If you know that it is damaged don’t just brush it off like I did!

New Mechanical Keyboard!!

I just got a new mechanical keyboard! Its pretty sweet. It is a TT esports Poseidon. It has a really nice blue backlight. It feels amazing when you type on it and gives me the motivation to type something. Ah, motivation. I wonderful thing. A thing that I never freaking have. Anyways, now that school has started, I will be doing more posts. I have been enjoying my summer and have not felt like typing anything as that would require me to think.

Happy late August!

Trying something new.

My brain is in summer mode making writing hard. I have lots of drafts that I really don’t think are good enough for me to put on my wordpress page. That is why I am trying something different. Facts and Quotes of the week. I am sure someone will be interested in one of these. My blog is computer orientated so it will mostly be about computers. 🙂 Have a good summer!


I am “back” that mean nothing really. I have some good ideas to write about but right now I am being plane lazy and enjoying my summer vacation. 🙂 Gotta get my anxiety levels down first I guess….. Cuz nothing is harder than writing when anxious. (for me anyways)


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