S4 Update…

My S4 recently decided to commit suicide. Well, it was kinda my fault. After a long hard life I managed to kill it by plugging it into a faulty cable *sigh*. I ended up plugging it into a cable I knew was damaged. I plugged it in for a week or so just to let it charge for the next time I might need it. Fast forward a week or so and it would not turn on. I couldn’t seem to find why it wouldn’t turn on… I thought the battery went bad. It would not respond to anything… Turns out the cable kept going “off! on! off! on!” Yeah, a week of that… Oops. I tried my S6 “fast charge” power adapter and it started up. After a lot of crashes and unexpected shutdowns I made it to the home screen. I could tell something was fried. Everytime I restarted the phone it would tell me a different battery percentage. It was bouncing all over the place. When I unplugged it, it would immediately shut off. Every time I powered it on it would last shorter than the last time until I couldn’t even get past the bootloader… I did not manage to get any data off… :/

The s4 is a great device. I really hate that it died. I do have a Nexus 7 that has the exact same specs so I still have a device that is just as capable as my s4 (and better for consuming media with the larger screen)

Bottom line

Check your cables! If you know that it is damaged don’t just brush it off like I did!


YouTube then vs now

YouTube has changed over the years. Back in 2005, people with their 240p cameras would upload videos. A few years later, Machinima was the biggest channel. Back then you could customize your channel with widgets and a background on your channel page. The page was called YouTube – Broadcast yourself.

But YouTube videos where uploaded as a hobby. Most videos where funny home recorded videos. There where also some gaming channels. Now, most big YouTubers are doing YouTube as a job. They started doing it as a hobby and it became a job. Their YouTube videos quality has been declining. Now they use click bait thumbnails and tittles that are not that related to the video. It sucks because some good YouTubers have stopped trying. They have a big audience so they don’t have to try as hard. They can count on their viewers. They don’t worry about getting more people to watch since they make enough money to support themselves with T-Shirts. This is another thing that big YouTubers are doing. They have become big sellouts. I can’t  help but think about some YouTubers like retarted captainsparklez or stamylongdick (stamylonghead or what ever stupid name he has) are just sell outs. Their content is so bad now. Captainsparklez used to be much better. I mean even his thumbnails are bad now. Look at them. They look like he is constipated and has not pooped for a frinkin week. I am sure some people know what I am talking about. If you go a year back. Captainsparklez was maybe half decent compared to now. No offence to Captainsparklez fans or stampylongdick fans but if you watch them, you shouldn’t be on the internet 😛 Also YouTubers like BajanCanadian where they don’t even try now. They ask for likes. “For 10k likes I will make a new video”

And then there is another thing to talk about. The popular YouTubers have been around for awhile. It is time for some change. It is not that hard to find channels with 200-300k subscribers. Their video quality is much higher than some of the bigger channels. It is kind of interesting. Soon, there will be a whole new wave of popular YouTubers. If you only watch popular YouTubers, I highly suggest that try some new YouTubers out. You just might like them more than the YouTubers that you watch. I am not saying that some popular YouTubers are not good. Some YouTubers still put lots of work into their videos. But the new wave of YouTubers will soon. Maybe in a few years. Nothing lasts forever.

There is a lot more to be said about this topic. I only talked a little bit about it. But since WordPress decided it would be a good idea to delete the posts that it claimed it published, I am trying to make up for that 🙂

I also plan to do some other YouTube related things maybe. Idk just an idea.

Why The Smaller Part Of The Minecraft Community Is Dying (Small servers)

A few years ago you could find small Minecraft servers everywhere. Now, they are harder to find. But why? Really the biggest problem is that bukkit has gone down. You can not get any version of bukkit from the official site anymore. I still have every version of bukkit all the way up to 1.7.10 when bukkit got shut down. I have hosted a Minecraft server for 2 years and I saw a lot of small servers while I hosted it. They where fun servers that where made by people that enjoyed hosting their server. Now most of the Minecraft servers are not like that. They seem to be big servers that just are not as friendly as smaller servers. Now that bukkit is down, it is harder to home host a Minecraft server. If you are paying for a Minecraft server, this shouldn’t affect you. The host should have all the versions of bukkit too. Spigot is still up and most of the servers that are 1.8 are spigot since bukkit never made it to the 1.8 release. Spigot is essentially bukkit but it takes less ram and they can hold more players and plugins. The problem is, if you are home hosting, it is hard to get your hands on the .jar file to run the server. Most small Minecraft servers don’t last that long but once one died, there was always a new Minecraft server that was just starting that was looking for players. It was an endless cycle. But now that you can not get the bukkit .jar file easily, the smaller part of the Minecraft community has died because once a server goes down, there is no other server that replaces it. Unless you count vanilla servers that no one plays on….

And really, no game can last forever. A game can only have a community so long before the players start playing a new game. That’s just how the gaming cycle works. Minecraft has had a good run. I think that Minecraft is dying but most games don’t last that long. Usually a game will be popular for a year or two. Minecraft, originally being called “cave game” at the time was started in 2009. It gained popularity in around mid 2010 to 2011. Now most of the Minecraft players are just 8 year olds that are not helping the community. Minecraft had a good run. It was a fun game. But now it is time for a new game to come out that is better than Minecraft and is for all ages. Soon Minecraft will be forgotten. It may be another few years before Minecraft is completely dead, but time will tell.

Why Root Android?

This question has been asked and answered countless times. Lots of people really wonder if rooting their phone or tablet really will do them any good. My answer is yes. You really have to know your stuff if you are rooting though. You can brick your device (kill it). After I felt safe after rooting many devices, I kind of got a little less careful and bricked my devices a few times. Now depending on how you bricked it, you can fix it. In all of my cases I have been able to fix the device. But what are the real reasons to root? Here are the best reasons to root in my opinion:

  • Speed – Rooting can really improve your device’s speed in many ways. You can over clock the processor (Essentially is putting your CPU on nitro). You can install a custom OS that is light weight with no bloat ware (Apps that you did not install but came with the device). Custom operating systems really have some cool things to offer. You can also use apps that need root to stop apps from auto starting. Most Android devices are slow because of all the apps that are running in the background. Really, it is not the device it is all the apps running in the background sucking all of the CPU cycles so that the app that you are using can’t run smoothly.
  • Customization – Android is really customization. Think of apple devices for a comparison. You can’t really put widgets on the home screen or have a live background. But you can only customize an Android device so much. Some manufacturers customize Android to their liking but disable some of Android’s native features. Rooting can allow you to change the boot screen, change the theme (How everything looks, the backgrounds in apps, the fonts, the icons, ect), change the boot loader logo, change the startup sound, and so on.
  • Battery Life – This kind of goes with speed but battery life needs its own section. Battery life can be improved by installing a custom rom that is lighter weight. You can also use lots of apps to disable things running in the background that may be using your battery. You can under clock the processor (Slows down the processor but improves battery life dramatically) I under clock my device’s CPU if I am on a trip and the battery is really low. If you are doing something simple like reading or playing a simple game that does not have a lot of movement and graphics, this will really help get you through the extra hour or so you need of battery. When your device has 10% battery left you know that you have a little more time left before the device will auto power off. If you under clock the CPU you can get another 45 minutes of battery life. Be careful though, your device will be much slower and this may result in applications crashing. Make sure you don’t under clock it to the point where the device is to slow to put it to the default clock speed.
  • Hot Spotting – Don’t you ever wish that you could share your phone’s data with your other devices without paying that extra $20 a month for a hot spot? Well with rooting your device, you can do this! If your device supports it. Most devices have it built in as a standard so you shouldn’t have to worry about not having hot spot capability. You can always share your internet through Bluetooth if you don’t have that feature with your phone. If you have a rooted Android cell phone, you can do this! Depending on what type it is, you may have to install a custom rom to be able to do this. Some manufacturers block it on the default rom the phone comes with. Seriously, you shouldn’t have to pay extra to use your phone’s data. You are already paying for the data!
  • You can learn something new or re-purpose an old Android device – Try something new! If you have a old Android device laying around doing nothing, there is not much to loose! It might be rootable! Some Android devices come with Micro HDMI ports. You can’t use them unless you have a rooted device. So why not try rooting that device and use it for streaming Netflix on your TV?

Thanks for reading through my rant! I just got 9 followers on my blog! That is amazing!!!! Thank you so much! 🙂 It really makes me happy that people enjoy what I post 🙂

Why “business” grade computers and laptops usually are not that good and slow

Most business grade computers are not actually that good. Some are better than others but most of them have a few things in common: Slow, Crash Occasionally, and are sometimes a big pain to use. But one of the main problems with business class computers is a lot of the software that businesses put on them, really slow them down to a halt. Business computers are really only meant for office work. Business grade computers are really the bare minimum for what they are used for. You would expect a business grade computer to have decent specs but definitely not a power house. But even browsing the internet and using the latest version of word with all those fancy animations do require some power. Some business computers are actually good quality and are great for what they are needed for. But most advertised business grade computers are not very good. Really what I am saying is if you bought a middle class computer it should be fine and be pretty fast for what it would be needed for. Something I don’t get is why most businesses don’t go for refurbished computers or used computers that have a lower price than a brand new computer that is about the same speed.

My point is business grade computers don’t seem that good because of the software that is on it and that they are the bare minimum. You can think of it this way, you can buy a 750 watt power supply and if you only use 200 watts while gaming, that power supply will last a very long time. It is not being worked very hard. Whereas you could buy a 250 watt power supply and it would really be struggling and would burn out much faster. If you bought a computer that has a little more power than you need, chances are that it will be more convenient and that you may actually end up needing that power every now and then. It would also save money in the long run because when windows 7 becomes unsupported, it would be able to run the next OS. Sure it would probably be slow and feel like a business class computer but at least it could be used for a few more years.

Hopefully that made since to everyone reading this…. My point is a little more power than you need is usually best for the long run 🙂 If you actually read through my rant, please leave a comment and give me some suggestions on how I can make my “rants” better and what I should rant about. Thanks again! 🙂