Nexus 7 2013 Review

The Nexus 7 2013 is a great tablet. Even though it was released in 2013, I still highly recommend it. There are rumours about a Nexus 7 2016 but at this point, its looking unlikely. Honestly, I don’t think a new Nexus 7 is needed. Nothing else can beat the Nexus 7 2013 for under $150. In this post, I will go over what my thoughts are on the Nexus 7.


The Nexus 7 is great for consuming media. I personally use my Nexus 7 to watch videos and play some intensive games on it. Even when playing games that require a lot of performance, the battery life is not bad. I don’t game for more than an two hours at a time on any mobile device because most mobile games are intended to be a pickup and go. They are not really like console or PC games. When I do play games on it for long periods of time there is a lot of app switching and with 2GB of ram, it is really good at being able to pick up where you left off (something that *cough* samsung *cough* can’t seem to figure out to do) For watching videos or movies, the Nexus 7 is great also. The 1080P screen is a nice touch. I don’t normally watch 1080P videos due to my internet connection however, I have tried watching 1080P videos on it and they look gorgeous. Everything looked fuzzy when I went back to 720P. If you watch YouTube, you are limited to watching 720P (only if the video was shot in anything higher than 30FPS). I don’t know the explanation behind this but I am assuming that the hardware might struggle trying to display 1080P 60fps (Considering some lower end computers struggle on 1080P 60FPS I don’t think this is to far off.)

The Screen

The screen on the Nexus 7 great.  Although for most things you probably will not notice the 1080P, when you watch videos you can really see the difference. While the colors are nothing amazing compared to say, a the amoled screen on the s6, they are still incredibly vibrant. The glass on the Nexus 7 doesn’t scratch that easily from my experience. There are a few scratches on the screen you can not see them unless you view the screen from an angle. One thing to note is that the screen is fragile. If enough pressure is put on the screen (not much is required) you may see pink or purple “blobs” that are especially noticeable when the backlight is turned down and the screen is displaying a darker color in that area. This may slowly fade away over time but never fully. On my unit, putting a small amount of pressure on the screen will cause all of these “blobs” to show up from previous pressure that was put on the screen. Just make sure not to put anything on your tablet’s screen and you will be good. Overall, the screen is really good for the price. It is not cheaply made and the colors are not dull at all. Asus did a nice job with the screen.

Battery Life

The battery life on the Nexus 7 is spectacular. I can binge watch videos / play games on my Nexus 7 for over two hours without any issues. I don’t normally use my tablet for much longer than that so I don’t really know how long it lasts doing these types of things. One thing to note is that I have overclocked my tablet so your results will vary. Even with it being overclocked the battery life is not that badly affected. One thing to note is that the Nexus 7 does take awhile to charge. It can take 3-7 hours to charge. If you use the official Asus charger that the tablet comes with, it takes 3-4 hours for it to reach 100%. Other chargers (chinese knockoffs, car chargers, PC USB port, etc) can take a very long time.  But the battery lasts much longer than the charging time so it all evens out.


The Nexus 7 is a budget tablet. Asus did have to take shortcuts to achieve such a good tablet at a low price. A thing I have noticed about all Nexus devices are that they really are not durable. My Nexus 7 2012 broke from being in my backpack and was crushed by my laptop. Digitizer was killed :/. I know a friend that dropped his Nexus 6P and the digitizer cracked.  They just are not meant to be used without a case (as most devices are). The Nexus 7 2013 if fairly durable. I have dropped it a couple times on hardwood floor and carpet. Luckily, it never experienced any major damage. I would recommend a case just to be safe. The Nexus 7 is really easy to bend also. I have noticed a couple times that it does not sit flat on a table. It is easily bent back but just look out for that. Compared to the Nexus 7 2012, it is much more durable and can take a lot more abuse.

Final Thoughts

I love my Nexus 7. It has been the best tablet I have ever owned. I have two Samsung tablets (Tab 3 7.0 and tab 4 7.0) both I got on two separate occasions. I never really liked them. They are really low quality for the price.  Samsung is really ripping you off on those FYI. Both of them have never seen a software update (come on samsung). Anyways, I decided to buy a Nexus 7 2012 and I was amazed at what difference the speeds were. Unfortunately it did not last long. I ended up using my Tab 4 for a while and then went on eBay to find a Nexus 7 2013 for $160. I bought that ASAP (most sellers asked for $200 and up!). Well turns out a few months later my local Microcenter changed the price to $150 😐 But honestly, it was worth it. As stated before, I love the Nexus 7. I have given it a beating and it still works. The size is just right. The battery life is perfect for my needs. The screen is a huge step up from the Tab 4 screen (not hard to beat). It is thin, portable, light and feels well made. Only problem I have is that my 16gb model runs out of storage thanks to my obsessive screenshotting addiction 😛

Thanks for reading my post! I tried to make this the best I could to make up for the inactivity lately! Let me know in the comments what I should improve! I am always trying to make my writing better! Thanks 🙂


BeamNG Drive

BeamNG drive is a physics game like no other. You can crash cars and make car crashes that you wouldn’t see other wise. You can download custom maps and cars from the website. You can also get planes boats ect too. The physics is spot on. BeamNG drive has been in development for a long time now and it is still receiving lots of updates. It is still in beta because there is no objective. There maybe racing or derbies soon. There are some hints that the game is getting closer to release. There are a lot of new things that the AI can do. It would make a really cool racing game with the realistic physics. To get BeamNG drive you have to get it from the website. Then you get a steam key that you can enter in steam. I have already wasted 300 hours on BeamNG drive since January. I highly recommend BeamNG drive if you like breaking things (not saying you would not like it if you don’t). It also is a good game to play after a long day with lots of stress. After crashing a few cars it makes you feel much better. You relax. It is a weird type of relax. Its the relax that some get from destroying a cardboard box. Or the feeling of destroying a castle you made out of styrofoam. It really takes your mind off of the stressful day you had. So if you have not heard of BeamNG drive, you really should check it out. The videos on the website from BeamNG drive’s channel are outdated and don’t show all the cool things that have recently been added. So what are you waiting for? There is a new free demo on their website with better physics. The demo is not the real game obliviously so it lacks lots of the features that the full version has. It also is not up to date (duh) Hope I found you a new time wasting game!

If you are interested here is a link with the full url:

Why The Smaller Part Of The Minecraft Community Is Dying (Small servers)

A few years ago you could find small Minecraft servers everywhere. Now, they are harder to find. But why? Really the biggest problem is that bukkit has gone down. You can not get any version of bukkit from the official site anymore. I still have every version of bukkit all the way up to 1.7.10 when bukkit got shut down. I have hosted a Minecraft server for 2 years and I saw a lot of small servers while I hosted it. They where fun servers that where made by people that enjoyed hosting their server. Now most of the Minecraft servers are not like that. They seem to be big servers that just are not as friendly as smaller servers. Now that bukkit is down, it is harder to home host a Minecraft server. If you are paying for a Minecraft server, this shouldn’t affect you. The host should have all the versions of bukkit too. Spigot is still up and most of the servers that are 1.8 are spigot since bukkit never made it to the 1.8 release. Spigot is essentially bukkit but it takes less ram and they can hold more players and plugins. The problem is, if you are home hosting, it is hard to get your hands on the .jar file to run the server. Most small Minecraft servers don’t last that long but once one died, there was always a new Minecraft server that was just starting that was looking for players. It was an endless cycle. But now that you can not get the bukkit .jar file easily, the smaller part of the Minecraft community has died because once a server goes down, there is no other server that replaces it. Unless you count vanilla servers that no one plays on….

And really, no game can last forever. A game can only have a community so long before the players start playing a new game. That’s just how the gaming cycle works. Minecraft has had a good run. I think that Minecraft is dying but most games don’t last that long. Usually a game will be popular for a year or two. Minecraft, originally being called “cave game” at the time was started in 2009. It gained popularity in around mid 2010 to 2011. Now most of the Minecraft players are just 8 year olds that are not helping the community. Minecraft had a good run. It was a fun game. But now it is time for a new game to come out that is better than Minecraft and is for all ages. Soon Minecraft will be forgotten. It may be another few years before Minecraft is completely dead, but time will tell.

Why “business” grade computers and laptops usually are not that good and slow

Most business grade computers are not actually that good. Some are better than others but most of them have a few things in common: Slow, Crash Occasionally, and are sometimes a big pain to use. But one of the main problems with business class computers is a lot of the software that businesses put on them, really slow them down to a halt. Business computers are really only meant for office work. Business grade computers are really the bare minimum for what they are used for. You would expect a business grade computer to have decent specs but definitely not a power house. But even browsing the internet and using the latest version of word with all those fancy animations do require some power. Some business computers are actually good quality and are great for what they are needed for. But most advertised business grade computers are not very good. Really what I am saying is if you bought a middle class computer it should be fine and be pretty fast for what it would be needed for. Something I don’t get is why most businesses don’t go for refurbished computers or used computers that have a lower price than a brand new computer that is about the same speed.

My point is business grade computers don’t seem that good because of the software that is on it and that they are the bare minimum. You can think of it this way, you can buy a 750 watt power supply and if you only use 200 watts while gaming, that power supply will last a very long time. It is not being worked very hard. Whereas you could buy a 250 watt power supply and it would really be struggling and would burn out much faster. If you bought a computer that has a little more power than you need, chances are that it will be more convenient and that you may actually end up needing that power every now and then. It would also save money in the long run because when windows 7 becomes unsupported, it would be able to run the next OS. Sure it would probably be slow and feel like a business class computer but at least it could be used for a few more years.

Hopefully that made since to everyone reading this…. My point is a little more power than you need is usually best for the long run 🙂 If you actually read through my rant, please leave a comment and give me some suggestions on how I can make my “rants” better and what I should rant about. Thanks again! 🙂

Best part of Guild War

Guilds Wars 2 is great game and there are so many hours of game play. The art is amazing and unlike any game that I have played but since there is so many things to do in the game, I’m going to talk about my favorite part of Guild Wars 2. One of the best parts of Guild Wars 2 is that it is a one time purchase. Once you buy it, no don’t need to spend any more money to play the game. The best part of Guild Wars 2 in my opinion is the PVP. Every map has a different game mode and there is a new game mode in the works that has been put up every now and then for stress testing. The game play on PVP is unlike any other MMO with PVP. It is actually more intense than you would expect. The pace is pretty fast. There is a lot of strategy to PVP and once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier.

If you ever find yourself getting bored of your character, you can change your character’s build and change his pets and abilities. You can always make a new character too. I like ranched characters so the Ranger or Necromancer is really fun for me. I found myself finding the game really boring after awhile of playing my ranger so I decided to created a Necromancer. This really made the game more interesting for me. You also can always pick another race for another story line. When you first make a guild wars account, you can not play PVP. Once you get to level 23 you can play PVP. You only need one character over level 22 to play PVP as any character. So you can always make a new character and instantly go to PVP without completing any quests. Playing PVP gets you a lot of good gear. You can earn levels and skill points by doing well in PVP. In fact, you can level your character all the way up to 80 without completing a single quest just through PVP. Everyone is the same level in PVP so you do not have to have good gear to do well. Your gear is evened out so even if you are low level, you can still beat a level 80. Guild Wars 2 PVP is really a unique experience and you have to play it to enjoy it. If you don’t find PVP interesting or even the game interesting, you should try playing as a different class. Some classes are more interesting that others depending on your likes. Anyways, if you read through my ran, thanks.

This was my first review so don’t judge it to hard. If you thought it was good or want more of these reviews from me, leave a like or comment!


– Poebat