Samsung Galaxy S6 Ramble

My review will be coming later but I wanted to get this into a post.

Okay, so I have had the S6 for over 8 months now. There are some things that I like about it and there are some things I hate about it. Let the rambling begin!

Okay, so I got the s6 after I failed to root the G4 and install cyanogenmod on it. I ended up bricking it. It was a shame, I loved the battery life. So when I got the s6, I immediately loved it. Compared to LG, Samsung really does have a lot less bloatware and changes to android. For an example, I can set a live wallpaper as my lockscreen background.  Its just all those minor things that add up to big things. Seriously LG, why can’t I set a live wallpaper as my lockscreen? My old gingerbread phone from 2010 could do it!

I really wish that I could install cyanogenmod on it. I had the s4 for 3-4 months before getting the s6. I really loved CM 12.1. By far the best ROM I have ever tried. It is ashame that the s4 died on me. The first thing I noticed when I got the s6 was the horrible battery life. Even with UPSM enabled, it still does not last very long. However, the quick charge feature does make up for it (as long as you have a charger on you!)

The durability of the s6 is not so great. To put it simply, I dropped my s6 onto a garage floor and instead of just the glass shattering, I killed three birds with one stone. The digitizer, amoled, and glass broke! I dropped my s4 many more times than the s6 and sure, my s4 did end up shattering but it still worked! Honestly there is something about the garage concrete that really hates phones. I dropped my HTC Hero in the same garage and part of the digitizer broke and the screen was cracked badly.

So I have mostly only talked about the bad things about the s6. Mostly because those are the things that have really bugged me about it. Honestly all the things I just complained about were #firstworldproblems lol. It works great as a phone. It gets much better coverage than any other phone I have used. The battery life is decent as long as you are not doing anything CPU intensive. The speaker is very nice, although it has a little to much bass for me. The camera is AMAZING! I love the camera on the s6 it takes great shots. The video quality is also very nice unless you record in 60fps, then for some reason everything looks less sharp and less realistic. I don’t know why this is.

My s6 is currently running Android 5.1.1. I tried 6.0 yesterday and HATED it. Just like my Nexus 7, it is full of bugs and performance issues. I reverted back to 5.1.1 and oh, so much better! One thing to note, the Good Lock UI looks more like stock android than the default UI. But I am not a fan of the color choices they give you nor the fact that you can’t make the notification area look like stock android. For most people 6.0 is not a problem. But for me, I really hate change. I don’t know why but something about me just really hates it. I just really did not like how samsung changed the lock screen to be more stock like. I do not like all the minor changes. I am sure I could have gotten use to it but I just wanted 5.1.1. Its also way more stable and offers a better battery life.

Anyways, that was my ramble. That’s the way my mind flows basically. Actual review coming soon. (Sorry for poor quality on this, it’s hard to make a ramble look anywhere near professional)

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New Mechanical Keyboard!!

I just got a new mechanical keyboard! Its pretty sweet. It is a TT esports Poseidon. It has a really nice blue backlight. It feels amazing when you type on it and gives me the motivation to type something. Ah, motivation. I wonderful thing. A thing that I never freaking have. Anyways, now that school has started, I will be doing more posts. I have been enjoying my summer and have not felt like typing anything as that would require me to think.

Happy late August!

Trying something new.

My brain is in summer mode making writing hard. I have lots of drafts that I really don’t think are good enough for me to put on my wordpress page. That is why I am trying something different. Facts and Quotes of the week. I am sure someone will be interested in one of these. My blog is computer orientated so it will mostly be about computers. 🙂 Have a good summer!


I am “back” that mean nothing really. I have some good ideas to write about but right now I am being plane lazy and enjoying my summer vacation. 🙂 Gotta get my anxiety levels down first I guess….. Cuz nothing is harder than writing when anxious. (for me anyways)


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